Winners Guca 2014

1st trumpet 2014 - Sasa Krstic

Brass bands finalists:

1. Brass band Kristijan Azirović and Srđan Azirović from Bojnik

2. Brass band Goran Ranković from Guča

3. Brass band Timočani from Knjaževac

4. Brass band Bakija Bakić managed by Ekrema Mamutovića from Vranje

5. Brass band Orchestra "Danijela" from Arilje

6. Brass band Marka Gligorijević from Dub

7. Brass band Siniša Stanković and Saša Krstić from Zagužanje

8. Brass band Marko Trnavac, from Mršelja

9. Brass band Ivan Jovanović from Užice

10. Brass band Božidar Mladenović from Svilajnac

11. Brass band Vladica Novaković, from Surdulica

12. Brass band Šidski trubači from Šid

13. Brass band Orchestra "Bajka" from Knjaževac

14. Brass band Bojan Krstić from Vladičnin Han

15. Brass band Radiša Vitezović from Tubić


The winners are:


1st trumpet: Sasa Krstic - Zaguzanje

2nd trumpet: Bojan Krstic - Vladicin han

3rd trumpet: Sinisa Stankovic - Zaguzanje


1st orchestra: brass band Dejan Jevdjic from Pozega

2nd orchestra: Srdjan Azirovic from Bojnik

3rd orchestra: Timocani from Knjazevac


1st trumpet in the opinion of the audience Goran Rankovic from Guca


The Most authentic playing: "od Zlata jabuka" Ivan Jovanovic from Uzice

The best played kolo: Marko Gligorijevic from Dub

The best performed song: Srdjan Azirovic from Bojnik

The best drummer - Sasa Jovic from orchestra Srdjan Azirovic

The best bass trumpet - Aleksandar Jovic from orchestra Bojan Krstic

The best tenor - Danijel Mladenovic from orchestra Bozidar Mladenovic


Pioneers competition:

The best trumpets : Darko Stankovic- Zaguzanje

The best orchestra: trumpet orchestra PS „Ivo Andric“ - Pranjane.


International competition:

1st trumpet – Ekrem Mamutovic from orchestra „Bakija Bakic“ - Serbia

2nd trumpet – Kristijan Azirovic - Serbia

3rd trumpet - Blaz Pek from orchestra „Pivo i cevapi“ - Slovenia 


1st orchestra – Uska  Кan (Macedonia)

2nd orchestra – Sokol orkestar (Poland)

3rd orchestra – The zuralia orcestra (Romania)


Youth competition:

1st trumpet :Ivan Papic from orchestra Nikola Papic - Priboj 

2nd trumpet :Stefan Ristic - Vladicin han

3rd trumpet: Vladimir Ivanovic - Zaguzanje 


1st orchestra:  Danijel Lazarevic - Vladicin han 

2nd orchestra: Тimocki veseljaci - Кnjazevac

3rd orchestra:  Isidor Zafirovic - Bojnik

Balkan Trafik Festival

Balkan Trafik

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 Welcome in Tziganie 2018


27 to 29 April 2018

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