Festival Guca

Dejan Petrović - Guca Festival

Every year in August the sleepy town Guca turns into a big party, the Guca Festival. The air is filled with the sound of trumpets and smell of grilled meat, streets with dancing and drinking people, and...


every room in Guca is occupied with sleeping festival goers. After the openings song Sa Ovcara i Kablara the brass bands are walking through the streets and playing their songs to invite people from the whole world to dance and party till sunrise on the brass beats. You will wake up from trumpets sounds and the party starts again.....
Maestros from whole Serbia will compete for the prestige Golden Trumpet award. Beside this competition a various program with rich cultural heritage like traditional wedding, sport event and art program will entertain hundreds of thousands visitors 4 days long.
Guca is waiting for you to experience this event with every vein in your body that will lift you up to a higher level to a happening you will never forget!