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Available rooms in houses - Guca Festival


Herewith the list with available rooms during Guca festival. If you don’t find anything suitable or you are coming with a large group, please send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will find a place to stay.

If you want to camp we still have enough plots available on camp Brocic, camp Panorama, and minicamps Sreten, Ikodinovic and Bojan.

From 6 to 13 August     

House Milena                                1 x 3/4 personsroom

House Snezana                               1 x triple

House Rada                                     1 x 4-personsroom

From 6 to 10 August

House Dusica                                  2 x double , 1 x triple & 3 x 4-personsroom

Bungalow Tanja                              1 x bungalow for 2 persons with private bathroom

House Slavkovic                              1 x double room

House Snezana                               1 x double + 1 x 4-personsroom

From 11 to 13 August

House Bojan                                    1 x triple room

House Ikodinovic                            1 x triple room with private bathroom

House Dragica                                1 x 4-personsroom

House Dusica                                  1 x double (in option), 1 x triple & 1 x 4-personsroom

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