Winner Guca 2012 Barka Orkestar

Barka Brass Band - winner Guca 2012BARKA BRASS BAND formed in 1998 in Knjazevac, Serbia.In the first few years BARKA BRASS BAND wins three prestigious awards at the prestigious trumpet festival in GUCA. In the Young Artist Competition BARKA BRASS BAND wins two second prize and one first. Couple years after BARKA BRASS BAND wins several prestigious awards but the biggest one was first place in senior Artist Competition in GUCA 2012.Today BARKA BRASS BAND consists of 9 members. BARKA play all kinds of music but main one is music from BALKAN. BARKA BRASS BAND was part of many music festival in Serbia, Greek, Italy, England, German, Austria, Chine, Turkey and many others. BAND was privilege to by part of big ensemble   "SANJA ILIC-BALKANIKA" . With BARKA BRASS BAND performed many singers and instrumental soloists, and original sound of BARKA BRASS BAND tried by many composer.

To book BARKA Brass band or for more info, please contact Milos Velickovic

Tel: +381 63 8262 704

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