2011 - Dejan Lazerevic Orchestra

Dejan Lazarevic 2011

Brass Orchestra Dejan Lazarevic was founded in 2002, and since then the orchestra has numerous public appearances in Serbia and abroad. The first prestigious award, the Golden Trumpet at Guca Festival, they won already in 2003, after just a year the orchestra was founded. After that award, many follows, year after year.

The most important are:

2003 - Guca: Golden Trumpet 

2004 - Zlatibor: Golden Trumpet 

2005 - Zlatibor: First Trumpet - Guca: first trumpet 

2006 - Zlatibor: Best Orchestra 

2007 - Zlatibor: first trumpet, golden trumpet, the best orchestra - Guca: Golden Trumpet 

2008 - Zlatibor: Golden Trumpet - Guca: first trumpet, golden trumpet 

2008 - Guca: Promulgated by the trumpet masters 


2009 - Zlatibor: Best Orchestra 

2010 - Zlatibor: first trumpet 

2011 - Zlatibor: Best Orchestra, 

2011 - Guca: Best Orchestra, Best Orchestra WORLD


"The first time I met up with the trumpet in 1996.but then I was relatively young and not particularly interested in trumpet. I was more interested in playing football with the kids in the neighborhood, " Dejan begins his story. However, I actively began to practice in 1998.when he says, `feels the heat `for music. He is amazing to this day because as more as he plays, the more he learns and it seems to him that he knows less and less about the music . "I started and I do not know when I'll finish with this. I think I'll hang out with the trumpet until the end of life, "he says, "Preparations for the performance are very difficult and demanding. They last for about six months. People and God get tired of us, because we practice two compositions for the competition all the time. I know the competition will be hard, but the feeling of a winner is something that must be experienced, and then forget all the hassle, "says Dejan .

Interpretation of our traditional music and performance on the trumpet, orchestra Dejan Lazarevic Mom's applause beyond the borders of your country! Some of the most successful performances were: Italy, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria ...

Everybody react great on the trumpet.  When we play abroad many Serbs who live there come to our concerts but there are many strangers who like our music, too.

 The hours of rest Best Trumpet of Guca listen to almost anything.  "I listen to even folk music, but that does not mean the ' Grand' (new folk music). I like to listen to jazz, and when I lie down to sleep I like to listen to classical music. If you play music and you have to listen to it. You can learn something from every musical genre. Sometimes I even get tired of the music I play for a while and it doesn’t mean that I listen to that kind of music just because I play it. "

Dejan Lazarevic is a real minion of the public....


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