House Brocic

The house of Slobodan Brocic is located next to the house of Dusica, just 5 minutes walk to the festival at the entrance of Guca. Behind the house you can make a short walk through the forest. This friendly family will make your stay unforgettable. Don't be surprise with breakfast that besides bread, cheese, meat, salad, the lady of the house serves French fries. When you come with your own car to Guca and you have some mechanic problems the man of the house has a garage, although with pension but....


Rooms: 1 x single, 2 x double room, 1 x triple ( 3 x 1 bed), and 1 x 4 bedded room ( 2 x double)


Price per person per night: € 25,- with breakfast

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Balkan Trafik 2019

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 Welcome to Tziganie 2019


26 to 28 April 2019

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