House of Dusica

House of Dusica is located at the entrance of Guca, just 5 minutes walk to the festival. This house is one of the favorite among our guests. It has 9 rooms, large garden and parking space. In the morning a homemade Serbian breakfast is waiting for you at the terrace. Rooms and bathroom upstairs are new decorated in 2010. The 2 bathrooms you have to share with other guests. Milan the son of the house owners Prle and Dusica, like to speak English with the guests, and is very helpful.


Rooms: 3 x double, 1 x triple, and 4 x 4 bedded


Price per person per night: € 25,- with breakfast- 4 nights or longer

Price per person per night: € 30,- with breakfast - 1 to 3 nights

Balkan Trafik Festival

Balkan Trafik

Welcome in Tziganie


 Welcome in Tziganie 2018


27 to 29 April 2018

Seissan -France

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