House Markovic

House of Markovic is situated close to camp Brocic and on 3 minutes walking distance to the festival. On the ground floor are 3 rooms in different colors and 1 bathroom with shower. The 4 bedded room has 4 single beds, triple room: 3 single beds, and double room: double bed. The house owner don't serve breakfast. There is parking space for 2 cars, other cars has to be parked on the street in front of the house. The owner is a masseur. So if you've partying too much, you can ask for a massage. And if you want to know if the owner is a relative from Marko Markovic, just book a room and find out!


Rooms: 1 x double, 1 x triple,  and 1 x 4-bedded


Price per person per night: € 25,- without breakfast

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 Welcome to Tziganie 2019


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