Brocica Avlija - Mustra

When you want to have a glimpse of how the Serbs celebrating go to ethno restaurant Brocica Avlija. Built in traditionally way of the Dragacevo region, you’ll have the feeling you took a step back in time. Taste traditionally prepare meals served by waiters in regional costumes, while you enjoying the live music of famous Serbian brass bands. Dance the Kolo – traditional Serbian folkdance, and cheers together on the good life!

Where: From Cultural Centre, take 2nd street to the left. Before the bridge over river Bjelica you’ll see a big wooden restaurant with a water wheel.

Opening hours: from 1 to 10 August everyday from 12.00 till 03.00 hrs.

Website: http://www.mustra-guca.com/

Door policy: denied access for persons who are drunk or funny dressed