Sarajevo, a mystic city where “East meets West”, also called Jerusalem of Europe, cause of the long history and culture of the divers religious doctrines who melted together, which you’ll find out while wandering through the streets. Less than 100 meters from each other you will find immemorial mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Orthodox churches.

The most part of the city is situated in the Sarajevo valley, surrounded by mountains, where the river Miljacka cross the city from East to West. Important district for the tourists is Bascarsija, a maze of small streets with shops, restaurants, bars and mosques in old Turkish style; Husref Bey’s mosque from 1531, is called one of the most beautiful and biggest mosque on the Balkans. There is also a Sebilj fountain - legend says if you drink water from the fountain, you will come back to Sarajevo. On the edge of the city you’ll find the Tunnel Museum, dedicated to the recent siege. Here you’ll find the “Sarajevo roses”; and much more you can explore in Sarajevo.

Drink Turkish coffee, eat Burek or the most famous Cevapcici, go out in as many bars and clubs, with the friendly inhabitants of Sarajevo. Explore the beautiful nature which is surrounding the city and go back in time. Once you have visited Sarajevo, you’ll want to go back



2 overnights in a hostel (dorm), excursion Tunnel Tour, and Sarajevo tour (excluding tip)

€ 50,- per person


Overnight in a pension in double or triple room € 30,- extra per person


We can arrange more tours in Sarajevo like: Grand Tour, Jewish Tour, Skakawac Waterfall, Olympic Mountains and Lukomir village. Also we can arrange transfer to Sarajevo for you. Send us an inquiry.


Tunnel Tour:

This tour of 2 hours is a minimum of what you should know about one of the longest siege in modern human history. During the bus ride, the guide will explain the sites and buildings you see and who were important during the siege of Sarajevo 1992-1995. Find out how the war started, why the National Library of BH was destroyed, how many people died. While driving to the Tunnel Museum along the Sniper Alley, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the stories about the life in the time of darkness, yet life full of hope. All this is just an introduction to the story about the importance of an 800 m long and only 1,60 high tunnel that connected the occupied and free Sarajevo territory. Upon arrival at the museum, you’ll pass through 20 m of the original tunnel and see the movie about the war in Sarajevo upon which the guide will explain the role of the tunnel during the siege, its construction, use method and will happily answer all your questions. On the way back to the town, let’s talk about Sarajevo and its future.


Sarajevo tour:

You’re in Sarajevo and want to feel something new, and experience something special and different? Would you like to explore Sarajevo with a local, who will reveal many small and big secrets of this town and introduce you to the mysticism of Sarajevo streets and alleys? If so, than join us for a walk through Sarajevo of 2,5 hours and enjoy yourself in the scent of fresh made coffee, flavors from hookah, sound of church bells and call from the minarets. Let’s visit the small Bascarsija shops, let’s walk through the past and fly back to the present time. Afterwards you decide how much worth is the tip you will give to the local for the given tour.

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