Overnights Guca

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As there are not many hotels in Guca, mostly everyone is staying in private rooms, provided by the inhabitants of Guca. The hosts are very kind and will give you a hospitable Serbian welcome in their homes. It is common in Serbia to sleep on a sofa bed,Bungalows Tanja although some rooms will have normal beds . The bathroom you will share with other guests. Only house Ikodinovic  and Sreten has rooms with ensuite bathroom and in bungalows Tanja you’ll have own bathroom .The houses are situated in the centre, at the entrance of Guca or till 1 kilometer to Guca. The overnights starts just from € 20,- per person with or without a homemade Serbian breakfast.



Camp Panorama We have in Guca  2 camps , 1 camper camp and 2 minicamps in garden of houses.  Camp Brocic is situated on a slope, just 3 minutes walk to the entrance, with covered places where you can meet new friends. Camper camp  Sreten, situated along the river behind the stadium, with nice view on the hills, has a flat camp area and is especially suitable for campers and has a toilet building. Camp Panorama, situated on top off a hill, where you can find a shadow spot under one of the fruit trees.

Hot water at the camps is provided with sun heated water tanks .

Price per person per night at camp is € 6,-