Balkan Trafik Festival 2018

Balkan Trafik Festival 12th edition– Brussels - Belgium

The 12th edition of Balkan Trafik is here from 19 to 22 April 2018 !
You were waiting for this ? Don't miss the festival, it will surprise you for sure ! 

The whole program will be flavoured with Balkan Trafik’s trademark – a unique atmosphere where lots of artists jam together in an exotic setting.  A new pride of place will be given to a new generation of artists engaged in cultural and social change but also a diverse medley of styles and sounds will take to the stage. 

In addition to these highlights, Balkan Trafik! will offer dozens of other concerts, art installations, several exhibitions and lectures but also animations throughout the festival.

Fanfare Ciocārlia (RO) | Dubioza Kolektiv (BiH) | Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL) & Söndörgő (HU) | Candan Erçetin (TR) | Savína Yannátou & Primavera en Salonico (GR) | Džambo Aguševi Orchestra (MK) | Eda Zari & Byzantine project (AL) |  Salonika Trio (GR) | Mitsoura (HU) | Wata Wata (BE) | Kukeri group from Rakovksi (BG) | Académie Plovdiv (BG) | Bubliczki (PL) | Brussels Balkan Orchestra (BE) | The Somos Ensemble (HU) | Invisible World Quartet (CZ) | Martenitza (BE) | From East to East (PL) | Albanian National Ensemble of Folks and dances (AL) | Ceylan Taci Quartet (AL-BE)

Vatra (AL-BE) | VILAFGA (HU-BE) | Albanian Iso-polyphonie (AL) | Svetlana Spajic : serbian traditional songs | Mariuca Verdes : Romanian traditional songs (RO) | Rebeca Dan : the century-old art of glass-painted icons | VLERA | Cifteli & Poesi (BE-AL) | Amel HAMIDOVIC : saz bosniaque (BiH-BE)| La route du patrimoine culturel UE | Balkans occidentaux | Associations Bulgares en Belgique : les pas énergétiques de la danse du Horo Bulgare |


Urban Chapter : Dubioza Kolektiv (BiH) | Marčelo (RS) + Nevena and Rade | Frenkie + Indigo (BA) | SkilleR (BG) | Bozko (BG) | BimBimma (XK) | Maki (BE) NK (BE) | Benji Horvath (RO) | Primitiv (BE) | and many more

The Urban Project it’s also an exposition “Street Art Belgrade” and a round table on saturday



For info & tickets: www.balkantrafik.com


Balkan Trafik 2018





Balkan Trafik Festival

Balkan Trafik

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27 to 29 April 2018

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